What are selfroles?

Selfroles are roles that can be self-assigned by a user by using the !self_roles command. The !self_roles command can be used by everyone by default (The permission level is 0), so only make roles selfroles if you want anyone to be able to add the role to themselves.

Selfroles can be useful for roles such as:

  • Pingable announcement roles
  • Language roles
  • Giveaway participator roles
  • etc.

    How do I add selfroles?

    To add or remove selfroles, you'll need a permission level of 3 by default (Administrator permission or Adminstrator role). To add a selfrole, use this command (mention not recommended).

Role can either be a role ID, a role name (case sensitive), or a role mention,

!configure self_role add <role>

Once you've done this, users can add the role to themselves by using the !self_roles command. To remove a selfrole, use this command instead.

!configure self_role remove <role>

How do I use selfroles?

To display a list of the server's selfroles, use the !self_roles command.


To add or remove a selfrole to yourself, use the !self_roles command with the role name/ID/mention (mention not recommended) argument.

!self_roles <role>

Do not confuse the !self_roles command with !roles command, that shows all the server's roles instead.