Configuring the prefix


GearBot's default prefix is !, but this is one used by many bots. If you have any other bots that also reply to this, you can give GearBot a new prefix (if you are a lvl 3 (admin) user, see the permissions guide)! It will also respond to you mentioning him (@GearBot#7326) instead of using ! regardless of his configured server prefix.

Anyways, here's the command, just replace <prefix> with what you want GearBot to respond to (unless you want GearBot to respond to <prefix>, if so that's fine, don't replace it):

!configure prefix <prefix>

If you changed GearBots prefix please replace ! with the new prefix in further commands, for this guide all of the commands will be using my default prefix.

Don't remember GearBot's prefix? No problem, he can tell you what it is if you don't give him a new one:

@GearBot#7326 configure prefix