Custom commands

What are custom commands?

Custom commands are very basic commands you can make yourself (provided you have permission lvl 2 or higher for these commands). You give GearBot a trigger and a reply. When someone does !<trigger>, GearBot will reply with the reply you gave him.

How do I create custom commands?

You can create a custom command using the !commands create command. You may also use !commands new or !commands add, which are variations of this command that do the same function. You will need to provide both a trigger and a reply to create custom commands.

!commands create <trigger> <reply>

Please mind the trigger can not have spaces in it.

Once done this, you may use the command by saying:


To change the reply of a command, use this command.

!commands update <trigger> <reply>

However, using !commands create/add/new instead of !commands update will work (requires confirmation), same as using !commands update instead of !commands create/add/new.

To remove a command, use:

!commands remove <trigger>

Who can use custom commands?

Everyone can use them, everyone can also request the list of all custom commands by just executing !commands.