There are several types of infractions:

  • Warn
    • Added by the warn command
  • Kick
    • Added when someone gets kicked (manual or through the kick command)
  • Ban
    • Added when someone gets banned (manual or throught the ban command)
  • Forced ban
    • Added when someone was banned by the forceban command
  • Mute
    • Added when someone gets muted with the mute command
    • Mute role is automatically removed again once the mute expires or the unmute command has been used
  • Unban
    • Added when a ban is lifted (manual or through the unban command)
  • Unmute
    • Added when someone is unmuted before a mute expires
  • Tempban
    • Added when someone is temp banned
    • Ban is automatically lifted when the ban expires (unless you unban+ban or forceban the user again before the time is up)

Finding infractions

To find infractions there is one simple yet powerful command: inf search [fields...] [query] [amount] All parameters are optional, if you don't give any you get the last 100 infractions for the guild.


Optional multi param, determines where to look. Possible values the [] are part of the param, to avoid confusing them with the query:

  • [mod]
  • [user]
  • [reason]

Multiple values can be passed. If omitted it defaults to [mod] [user] [reason]. Also see the Examples section below.


Optional param, can be any userID, mention, full username (only if the user is on the server) or plain text. It will use this query to search the fields specified with the fields param. Also see Examples below


The simplest param of them all, how many infractions you want to see. If the last thing in your command is a number between 1 and 500 (inclusive), this will be used as max amount of infractions to show. Defaults to 100. If you instead want to do a reason search for something that is or ends with a number between 1 and 25, simply add another number as amount after it.


The section where it all becomes clear!

Show the last 100 infractions from the server:

!inf search

Show the last 3 infractions from the server:

!inf search 3

Show the last 100 infractions related to a user (so either as mod, user, or where the ID is part of the reason):

!inf search 106354106196570112

Show the last 5 infractions handed out by a specific mod:

!inf search [mod] 106354106196570112 5

Show the last 500 infractions of a specific user, and any infractions where you used that user's ID in the reason:

!inf search [user] [reason] 106354106196570112 500

Show the last 10 bans for ban evasion:

!inf search ban evasion 10